Risky Biz Soap Box: Why Thinkst gives its honeytoken tech away for free

A nice long chat with Haroon Meer...
10 Dec 2021 » Risky Business

This isn’t the normal weekly news episode of the show, if you’re looking for the regular weekly Risky Business podcast, scroll one back in your podcast feed. This is a Soap Box edition, a wholly sponsored podcast brought to you in this instance by Thinkst Canary.

For those who don’t know, Thinkst makes hardware and virtual honeypots you can put on your network or into your cloud environments – they’ll start chirping if an attacker interacts with them. They’re a low cost and extremely effective detection tool. But you might not know that Thinkst also operates canarytokens.org where you can go set up a bunch of honeytokens for free. Hundreds of thousands of people are using canarytokens.org, but Thinkst doesn’t charge anything for it, it’s free to use. They’ll even give you a docker container of the whole thing so you can run it yourself.

Our guest today is Thinkst’s founder and infosec legend Haroon Meer. He spent a chunk of his career at the South African security consultancy SensePost before founding Thinkst Applied Research and eventually launching Canary.Tools. In this interview we talk about what the industry is getting wrong, supply chain security, effective detections and more. But I started off by asking him why Thinkst hasn’t tried to monetise canarytokens.org given how many people use it.