Risky Biz Soap Box: Yubico Chief Solutions Officer Jerrod Chong

Yubikey support is everywhere. Now what?
30 Jul 2020 » Risky Business

Soap Box is the wholly sponsored podcast series we do here at Risky.Biz. That means everyone you hear on this podcast paid to be here. In this podcast you’re going to hear my latest interview with Jerrod Chong, Yubico’s Chief Solutions Officer.

Hardware security keys like Yubikeys have come a long way, even over the last couple of years. The biggest change is that the support for hardware keys is borderline ubiquitous now. FIDO2 support is in all the major browsers. You can even use Yubikeys with Google apps on an iPhone. The plumbing is here, it’s arrived.

But there are still some hurdles to overcome before the full potential of hardware security keys will be unlocked. One issue is that if you’re operating an at-scale service, you’re still stuck with the same old problems around account recovery. The process problems.

So in this interview I talk with Jerrod about how far things have come and where they might go next.