Risky Biz Soap Box: No magic wand for business email compromise (BEC)

Proofpoint's Ryan Kalember talks BEC...
02 Jul 2020 » Risky Business

This edition of the Soap Box podcast is brought to you by Proofpoint.

Today’s guest is Proofpoint’s EVP of Cybersecurity Strategy, Ryan Kalember, and the topic is business email compromise, or BEC.

BEC is a big deal, generating billions of dollars in losses every year across basically all industry verticals and levels of government. Until recently, there haven’t been many technical controls that help to mitigate it.

Trying to get on top of this issue is very much in Ryan Kalember’s job description. BEC is a diabolical problem, and as a company with a specialty in email security, Proofpoint is really expected to help clients get on top of it. In this conversation you’ll hear us talk a bunch about the problem and Proofpoint’s approach to trying to minimise BEC.