Risky Biz Soap Box: VPNs are out, identity-aware proxies are in

Akamai's CTO of Security Strategy Patrick Sullivan joins the show to talk remote access...
29 Mar 2020 » Risky Business

In this (sponsored) podcast Akamai’s CTO of Security Strategy Patrick Sullivan talks us through the basics of identity-aware proxies. With more and more internal applications being served to newly external users, identity-aware proxies are the new hotness.

Akamai isn’t the only company that offers an identity-aware proxy product, but it was a relatively early mover in the space offering the service since 2016.

Obviously there are some massive shifts happening right now with so many people stuck working at home right now. That means Akamai’s identity-aware proxy service – and its network more broadly – is getting a pretty serious workout right now. What are the quick wins with a technology like this? Where are the wins harder?

Patrick Sullivan joined me to talk about identity-aware proxies and what’s been happening on Akamai’s tubes over the last couple of weeks.