Risky Biz Soap Box: Some Zero Trust facts of life

Sounds easy. Isn't...
05 Dec 2019 » Risky Business

Our guest in this edition is Will Peteroy. He’s currently the CTO of security at Gigamon after his company, ICEBRG, was acquired by Gigamon last year. Will has a long and interesting background in security.

As you’ll hear, he worked on the security team at Microsoft once upon a time. He even co-wrote Microsoft’s gigantic paper on mitigating “pass the hash” attacks some years ago. He also did some time with the “Department of Defense” some time ago. He’s a knowledgable fella.

And he’s been spending considerable time lately focussing on the issue of Zero Trust Networks.

Zero Trust is one of those things that’s super simple in theory, but absolutely, awfully complicated when you actually try to do it. So Will joined me for this chat about Zero Trust networks, how to define them, how to transition to them, what some of the steps are and thinking is. It’s a great conversation for any CSOs who are working through some of the issues that pop up when they’re transitioning to ZT architectures.