Snake Oilers 8 part 1: Rapid7's InsightAppSec, WhiteSource and Virus Total Enterprise

Roll up, roll up! This is miracle stuff!
03 Dec 2018 » Risky Business

This is the first part of our final Snake Oilers edition for 2018.

Snake OIlers, for people don’t know it, is the podcast where vendors pay to come on to the show to promote their wares. This series actually turned out to be way more popular than we expected. People quite like listening to security companies actually explaining what they do in clear terms.

We have six vendors participating in this last round of Snake Oilers for the year – we’ve split the podcast into two podcasts containing three vendor pitches each, and in this part you’ll be hearing pitches from Rapid7, WhiteSource and Chronicle.

  • Dan Kuykendall of Rapid7 talks InsightAppSec, its DAST solution.
  • David Habusha of WhiteSource talks software composition analysis
  • Brandon Levene of Chronicle on VirusTotal Enterprise

Part two is up next week!