Snake Oilers 5 part 2: Penten talks Honey Docs, Trend Micro on its latest

Vendors selling the steak, not the sizzle...
26 Mar 2018 » Risky Business

Snake Oilers is a wholly sponsored podcast where vendors pay to pitch their tech at you, the listeners. Last week we heard from Rapid7, Mimecast and VMRay, but this week we’ve got two more pitches for you. First up we’re going to hear from Penten, an Australian based company that is doing some genuinely interesting stuff with honey documents.

Also in this edition we’ll be chatting with the team at Trend Micro. And this isn’t really about pitching a product – there more here to combat messaging coming out of newer EDR companies who are portraying established vendors like them as out of touch.

As listeners would know, beating up the incumbent AV companies is one of my hobbies, so basically Trend Micro’s Eric Skinner and Eric Shulze will be along this week to tell me why I’m an idiot. They’re also going to make a strong case for independent AV testing – it’s something the industry has struggled with for a long time, but they say they want it to happen more than ever.