Snake Oilers #5 part 1: Rapid7 Insight Phish, VMRay's updated platform and mail filtering with Mimecast

Roll up roll up get your magical snake oil here!
19 Mar 2018 » Risky Business

As most of you know this isn’t the regular weekly show, this is a special edition we publish four times a year, and as you may have guessed from the title, this is the Risky Business podcast where vendors pay for time to pitch their products to you, the listeners.

And we’ve actually got some great pitches for you today. We’ll be hearing from Rapid7 first – they’ve developed a new addition to their Insight platform – Insight Phish. There are already so many phishing simulation tools out there, so we’ll hear from Justin Buchanan on why Rapid7 has gone down this path. He actually makes a pretty compelling argument on why they’ve bothered. Simulation is just one part of Insight Phish, the other part is response.

They’ve kind of closed the loop on that, so if you’re already a Rapid7 customer you’ll probably be VERY interested in Insight Phish. And even if you’re not it might get you looking at their stuff!

Then we’re going to hear from the team at VMRay. VMRay makes a cloud-based binary analyser for all you DFIR types. They’re a German company founded on the back of the founder’s PhD. They actually raised millions of dollars in funding in 2016 from German investors. I know I want to hear from any company that convinced Germans to invest large sums of money! They’ve released a new version of their product and they’ll be telling us a bit about that.

And finally we’re going to hear from Mimecast. And you know what? Mail filtering is a hard thing to pitch – most of the functionality is completely opaque to the user. So the Mimecast team will be along in our final pitch of the day to explain to you all what you should be asking of your email filtering provider. It’s actually really good generic advice… surprisingly neutral advice, too, so stick around for that!

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