REPOSTED (SEE NOTE): Risky Biz Snake Oilers: Roll up roll up! We've got a fix for what ails ya!

Four turbo pitches in one podcast...
21 Apr 2017 » Risky Business

NOTE: We had to re-post this. Originally we linked to the wrong mp3 (soapbox1 instead of snakeoilers1). It was rectified within about five minutes, but caches gonna cache, so we’ve reposted it. Sorry if you downloaded it twice!

This is the first ever Snake Oilers podcast from It’s a wholly sponsored podcast in which vendors pop in and take 10 minutes each to pitch the audience on their stuff. The idea behind this whole thing is so that infosec buyers can actually hear a bunch of ten minute pitches without having to go to lunch with a salesperson with giant shiny teeth who doesn’t really understand what they’re selling.

These are product pitches from people who actually get the technology. And you know what? Even if you’re not a technology buyer, you’ll probably still find a lot of this interesting – it’s good to know how vendors are slicing and dicing some of the challenges we all face in security.

In this edition:

  • Exabeam says it can save you buttloads of cash compared to other SIEM solutions like Splunk or ArcSight.
  • Senetas urges you not to use babby’s first encryptor cards and opt for its 100gbps full line rate layer 2 encryptor instead
  • Kolide pitches its osquery-based EDR solution. If it’s good enough for Facebook, it’s good enough for you!
  • Senrio pitches its impressive IoT network sensor and developer tools.

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