Snake Oilers: Vectra, Google Security and SecureStack

Three vendors pitch their wares...
13 Apr 2022 » Risky Business

Snake Oilers isn’t our regular weekly podcast, it’s a wholly sponsored series we do at Risky.Biz where vendors come on to the show to pitch their products to you, the Risky Business listener. To be clear – everyone you hear in one of these editions, paid to be here.

We’ll hear from three vendors in this edition of Snake Oilers:

  • Kevin Kennedy from Vectra talks about the company’s cloud native detection – it crunches stuff like CloudTrail and AzureAD logs and correlates it with network event information
  • Paul McCarty from SecureStack on its software composition analysis and “SBOM plus” tool
  • Google Cloud’s Anton Chuvakin talks about cloud-based SIEMs like Chronicle