Snake Oilers 11 part 2: Go passwordless with Okta, why Crowdstrike customers need Airlock

PLUS: Kaseya pitches its VSA endpoint management agent...
30 Apr 2020 » Risky Business

Snake Oilers isn’t the regular Risky Business podcast, if you’re looking for that just scroll back to one of the numbered episodes in our podcast feed. Snake Oilers is the wholly sponsored podcast series we do here at Risky.Biz where vendors give us money so they can come on to the show and pitch you their sweet, sweet Snake Oil.

In this edition of snake oilers we’ll hear from:

  • David Cottingham of Airlock Digital pitches the Crowdstrike/Airlock two piece combo meal deal
  • Marc Rogers of Okta talks passwordless authentication and pitches modern SSO generally
  • John Emmitt of Kaseya pops in to pitch the VSA endpoint management agent

Links to the vendors are in the show notes. Enjoy!