EXCLUSVE: Bottle Domains to appeal court ruling

It's not over... Bottle will fight Supreme Court ruling...

Domain name regulator auDA moved to terminate Bottle Domains' registrar agreement when it was revealed the company's customer database had been hacked and offered for sale in a black market forum. "Under the terms of the registrar agreement with us they are obliged to inform us of any security breach," auDA CEO Chris Disspain told Risky.Biz in a podcast interview. (Click to hear the full interview.) "That did not happen."

The loss of accreditation would have seen the company stripped of the right to conduct business as a domain name registrar. The domain names of its existing clients would be transferred to auDA itself, which would have acted as an interim registrar.

"[The judge] has stayed those orders for a period of time to allow Bottle to go to the court of appeal and apply... for an injunction pending the hearing of a full appeal," Disspain said.

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