Ruski Business #69 -- Whitelisting and AV, a St Petersburg special

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08 Jul 2008 » Risky Business

This week's Risky Business was recorded in St Petersburg and edited in London. The gang at Kaspersky antivirus flew me to Russia for their 10th partner conference! Nice!

I got a chance to talk to a stack of AV guys about problems with whitelisting technology. It's showing a lot of promise, but you still can't throw out the blacklists just yet. The future of anti-malware is looking bloody complicated.

Kaspersky anti-virus CEO Eugene Kaspersky and virus analyst Magnus Kalkuhl are on the show to discuss the conundrum.

Also on this week's show we'll talk to our sponsor RSA Security about smart card authentication. With laptops shipping with smart card readers, PKI is looking tantalisingly practical. Who knew that'd ever happen?

No news this week, I'm still on the road.