Risky Business #98 -- Are Oracle administrators agents of Satan?

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04 Mar 2009 » Risky Business

This edition of Risky Business is sponsored by Sophos.

On this week's show we take a look at a recent survey [pdf] released by Oracle in conjunction with the Independent Oracle User Group.

It found 11 percent of Oracle administrators had never applied a critical patch. In fact, 70 percent of Oracle DBAs surveyed were at least three months behind the patch release times.

How did we get here? Securus Global's Declan Ingram pops in to discuss the possible root cause of such startling data. Race To Zero organiser and master chef Simon Howard also shares his thoughts on database host security.

Paul Ducklin pops by for this week's sponsor interview. We ask Paul how endpoint security providers like Sophos can be expected to battle 0day threats such as the recent PDF and Excel flaws.

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UPDATE: Due to a production glitch in the original podcast recording, certain audio snippets (music, bumpers) were incorrectly rendered. The file has been fixed and replaced!