Risky Business #86 -- Ranumgate, cloud computing and smart cards everywhere!

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06 Nov 2008 » Risky Business

This week's edition of Risky Business is sponsored by RSA Security and hosted by Vigabyte virtual hosting.

In this week's podcast we take a look at cloud computing, which is all the rage all of a sudden. Andrew Walls from Gartner stops by to cut through the hype and talk about what cloud services could mean for the average CSO.

One-time CANVAS developer and freelance security consultant Adam Boileau pops by to discuss the news and respond to the controversy over last week's Risky Business interview with Marcus Ranum.

If you haven't heard, Marcus really had a go at exploit tools like CANVAS and CORE Impact. It really annoyed a lot of listeners, and this week we revisit the topic.

ISP engineer Mark Newton also stops by to talk about the proposed "great firewall of Australia," and RSA's Greg Singh joins us to discuss the sudden swell in uptake of smart card technology.

NOTE: At one point you'll hear me refer to Mark Newton as Matthew Newton. The mistake was mine... sorry, Mark!