Risky Business #76 -- MythBusters mauled, BGP borked, MIFARE mangled

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02 Sep 2008 » Risky Business

We've got a great show this week, there's been plenty happening in the infosec world. Our feature topic this week is BGP insecurity. There's been some renewed hysteria around BGP and we'll be getting to the bottom of it with Danny McPherson, Arbor Networks' Chief Smart Guy. As it turns out, you really, really just can't trust Internet routing.


There's been a lot of news about RFID and contactless RFID insecurity over the last few months, and some very interesting video footage from the HOPE conference in New York has surfaced. It turns out a proposed MythBusters segment on RFID security was nixed when the credit card companies called in the lawyertrons to heavy Discovery Channel. Hear the show's own Adam Savage address HOPE back in July.

This week's show is sponsored by RSA security -- they slice, they dice, and they know Alice and Bob's dirty little shared secret. RSA Security's Greg Singh will be along in this week's sponsor segment to have a chat about the MIFARE snafu, key management and other geeky crypto stuff.

And as always, the greatest IT news editor in the world, ZDNet Australia's Munir Kotadia, will be along with the week's news headlines.