Risky Business #71 -- H D Moore talks DNS bugs

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29 Jul 2008 » Risky Business

This week's Risky Business is sponsored by Microsoft and hosted by Vigabyte virtual hosting.

This week's feature guest on Risky Business is H D Moore. He's the creator of the Metasploit framework and considered by Those Who Know to be a very smart chappy indeed. He joins us this week to talk about the DNS bugs discovered by Dan Kaminsky.

H D, in conjunction with his good buddy |)ruid, has released exploit code for the bugs, but fails to see why they're considered such a big deal.

Considering we've seen similar bugs in the past, it's a fair position. Sure, it's a problem, but why the fuss now?

In this week's sponsor interview we chat to Microsoft's Virus Research and Response Coordinator, Jaukub Kaminsky. (No relation to Dan..) We go over the whitelist/blacklist thing again, as well as having a chat about what it's like being a malware guy at Microsoft.

The company got off to an inauspicious start with AV technologies in the early 90s (MSAV.EXE - remember that? Shudder\u2026), but Jakub says things have changed considerably since then.

Regular guest, ZDNet Australia editor Munir Kotadia, is away on holidays this week. Instead we'll chat to Adam "Metlstorm" Boileau