Risky Business #61 -- H D Moore's evil Eee PC

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05 May 2008 » Risky Business

McAfee is the sponsor of this, the greatest episode of Risky Business in the history of the universe. Big thanks!Not only does this week's podcast feature security legend H D Moore discussing his evil creation -- an Eee PC that sucks passwords out of the atmosphere, black hole style -- but RSA president Art Coviello drops by to share his not-so-happy thoughts on Bruce Schneier.On this week's podcast:

  • ZDNet Australia's Munir Kotadia joins us for this week's news headlines.
  • Security super-boffin H D Moore joins us to talk about his contribution to wireless mayhem
  • Art Covellio, president of RSA, pops by to rip popular security commentor Bruce Schneier a new one
  • David Marcus from McAfee's US-based Avert Labs marks the 30th anniversary of spam and talks about the company's global spam experiment

NOTE:\xa0I'm\xa0on the road this week and had to record some of this week's show from his mate's living room in Maroubra. It may echo like a cave, but it's actually quite a nice place... News this week was recorded with Skype. Sorry about the crap quality. -- Pat