Risky Business #58 -- Seek advertisers targeted

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15 Apr 2008 » Risky Business

This week's Risky Business episode is sponsored by Check Point Software and hosted by Vigabyte virtual hosting. On this week's show we're looking at the latest phishing scam to target advertisers on Australia's largest jobs website, Seek. We'll also take a look at mobile security with our "mystery CSO" Adam Pointon before checking in with our sponsor to chat about drive-by downloads.

On this week's security podcast:

  • ZDNet Australia editor Munir Kotadia joins host Patrick Gray to discuss the week's news
  • Pure Hacking's Chris Gatford pops in for a quick chat about Seek's phishing woes
  • Adam Pointon talks mobile security -- should we believe the hype?
  • In this week's sponsor interview Jordy Berson from Check Point in the USA talks drive-by download prevention