Risky Business #5 -- CeBIT special

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19 Mar 2007 » Risky Business

Risky Business #5 is available for download, thanks to our sponsor Cybertrust and hosting partner Vigabyte.

This week's show was recorded at CeBIT in Germany and cut together in Istanbul, Turkey. That's right, I'm still on the road. And despite some hideous jetlag, this week's show is a cracker.

On this week's program:

  • \xc2\xa0Bomb proofing your data centre. (Seriously.)
  • \xc2\xa0Making secure GSM phone calls thanks to Frank Reiger and GSMK Cryptophone
  • \xc2\xa0Talking password security with Elcomsoft CEO Vladimir Katalov
  • \xc2\xa0A chat with Sophos Antivirus's Paul Ducklin, who was also at CeBIT.
  • \xc2\xa0What does the F in F-Secure stand for?