Risky Business #46 -- BlackBerry code signing regime not so flash

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22 Jan 2008 » Risky Business

This week's edition of Risky Business is brought to you by the folks at the big Yellow Box -- Symantec! Big thanks also go out to Vigabyte for providing the bandwidth for the podcast. On this week's show:

  • Our favourite newshound, ZDNet Australia's Munir Kotadia, discusses the week's news
  • This week's feature interview is with Graeme Neilson of Aura Software Security and we're talking BlackBerrys. Aura's developed a trojan for the gadget that Neilson uses in security audits -- he describes it as BackOriface (remember that?) for the BlackBerry -- and if you thought getting badware to run on the mobile devices is hard, you're sadly mistaken
  • Symantec's Rob Pregnall joins host Patrick Gray to talk about a new banking trojan that side-steps two factor authentication in this week's sponsor interview
  • Risky Business takes a quick look at some questionable marketing tactics being used by an anti-spyware software manufacturer during a chat with Netregistry CEO Larry Bloch