Risky Business #40 -- Using PS3s to crack passwords

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27 Nov 2007 » Risky Business

Risky Business, your weekly security podcast, is back! I took a week off to go to Kiwicon in Wellington, and you'll be hearing plenty of material from there over the next few weeks, so if you missed the event, don't stress.

Big thanks to our hosting provider Vigabyte for providing the bandwidth for ITRadio.com.au's podcasts, and of course big hugs for our sponsor, Verizon Business Security Solutions.

On this week's show:

  • Munir Kotadia from ZDNet Australia joins us with the week's news
  • Sheep fancier Nick Breese explains how to crack passwords with a Playstation 3. Elcomsoft eat your heart out!
  • Verizon Business Security Solutions' James McMahon joins us to explain why hackers who attend events like Kiwicon aren't necessarily devil-worshiping cyber-terrorists