Risky Business #236 -- What to do with 300mb of VMware source?

Why VMware's PR line is horseshit...
27 Apr 2012 » Risky Business

In this week's feature interview we're chatting with reverse engineer Jonathan Brossard about the theft of VMware source code from a third party. Lulzsec-linked hax0rs have owned up around 300mb of VMWare source and they say they're dropping it on May 5.

We believe them.

Predictably, VMware says it's no big deal, but Jonathan says that line is basically horseshit. He'll be joining us to tell us why.

Jonathan is the CEO of Toucan Systems and an organiser of Hackito Ergo Sum.

In this week's sponsor interview we're chatting with Adobe Software's product security chief Mr. Brad Arkin.

He'll be bringing us up to speed on what he's been up to over the last four weeks or so, and boy, has he been busy. They've been releasing silent auto-updaters for Flash player, open source malware triage tools, making major updates to Adobe Reader 9 for the poor souls who are unable to upgrade to 10; all sorts of good stuff.

Adam Boileau, as usual, joins the show for the week's news.

***EDITOR'S NOTE: There was a small error in this week's introduction script to the sponsor interview. Changes were made to Adobe Reader 9. The introduction script mistakenly said Adobe had introduced changes to Flash Player 9.