Risky Business #23 -- Vulnerability auctions

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23 Jul 2007 » Risky Business

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On this week's podcast:

  • Verisign's Rick Howard. Rick works as the intelligence director for the division of Verisign that used to be iDefense. As many of you would have heard, a Swiss company recently set up a vulnerability auction site. As iDefense is well known for trading in vulnerability information, we thought we'd bring on Howard to discuss the trading of vulnerability info.
  • We'll also hear from Verizon Business security solutions' Apple expert Kevin Long who'll be along to talk about anti-virus software on the OS X operating system.
  • And, as always, we're joined by Munir Kotadia from ZDNet Australia to discuss this week's news.

A note to particularly attentive listeners: Yes, I did get ahead of myself at the conclusion of this week's podcast. This is the 23rd edition of the show, not the 24th!