Risky Business #122 -- Cybercrime and Pablo Escobar

Are cyber cartels just... cartels?
04 Sep 2009 » Risky Business

This week's episode is sponsored by Check Point software.

On this week's show we're chatting to Alastair MacGibbon of Surete Group. He was the Australian Federal Police Agent who established the multi-jurisdictional Australian High Tech Crime Centre back in 2003. He was with the AFP for 15 years and spent the majority of his policing career working in drug enforcement. That included investigating criminal drug syndicates.

He'll be along this week to dispel some of the current theories doing the rounds about online criminal activity.

We'll also be joined by Check Point's Fred Borjesson to discuss hardcore, customised malware: memory scrapers, rootkits and other stuff the hardcore bad guys use to exfiltrate card data from compromised organisations. It's virtually impossible to detect because, well, it's not widely distributed like most malware -- this is hardcore stuff for hardcore people. That's this week's sponsor interview.

We also discuss the week's news with Adam Boileau.