Risky Business #118 -- eCrime Symposium panel discussion

Can we combat fraud online and stay anonymous?
07 Aug 2009 » Risky Business

Sydney's inaugural eCrime Symposium kicked off on Tuesday, and Risky Business was there with an audio recorder.

We recorded this panel discussion while we were there and decided it'd make a good podcast. The speakers are Rachel Dixon, who's a technology executive here in Australia for online media group Viocorp, as well as being the deputy chair of consumer group Choice, Phil Argy, the head of the Technology Dispute Centre, and Sean Richmond from Sophos.

The panel was hosted by Nigel Phair.

I've basically cut it down to focus on the comments of Rachel Dixon. She was the best speaker on the day, and her riffs make for interesting listening.

There is no news segment this week due to a nasty bit of chicken making me quite ill on Wednesday and Thursday. I'll spare you the details. I'm also moving house tomorrow, so things this week have just got a little crazy.

But RB will be back next week with a bit of a wrap from all the shenanigans in Vegas and a proper news update.

In this week's sponsor interview we're trying something different. We're having a chat to Tim Smith of Bridgepoint, a Check Point Gold Partner. Tim's at the coalface of the Australian security industry, so we took this opportunity to get a commercial perspective on what's happening out there in the market, and in particular, with PCI.

As you'll hear, Tim says all sorts of organisations -- from online retailers to corner stores -- are being roped into the regime, which obviously makes life interesting.