Risky Business #117 -- McAfee tries to explain data loss incident

McAfee's Asia Pacific President believes genies can be put back in bottles...
30 Jul 2009 » Risky Business

Readers of the Risky.Biz website would have heard by now that McAfee accidentally leaked the full contact information of 1400 registrants for its strategic security summit that was held in Sydney on July 17.

McAfee's Asia Pacific President Steve Redman is this week's feature guest -- he joined the program to face the music for that one.

We've also got a sponsor interview with Microsoft's Stuart Strathdee in this week's show. We ask Stuart why Microsoft's free security software won't be available to systems that fail windows genuine advantage tests, as well as chatting about mobile security in light of the recently discovered Symbian botnet.

Adam Boileau joins us to discuss the week's news, and we can assure you there was lots of it!