Risky Business #113 -- Twitter propaganda with Maltego creator Roelof Temming and more!

Twitterganda is all the rage these days. I read about it. On Twitter.
26 Jun 2009 » Risky Business

This week we're taking a look at the technology angle to this whole mess in Iran. We'll be chatting with Arbor Networks chief scientist Craig Labovitz about the filtering the government is doing over there, then we'll be checking in with Roelof Temmingh of Paterva.

Paterva makes Maltego, the open source intelligence tool that many people are using to analyse various aspects of information flow in Iran-- including the spread of propaganda via Twitterbots.

We'll also be hearing from Microsoft's Stuart Strathdee in this week's sponsor interview. He'll be joining us to discuss the company's free Morro antivirus package -- it's software that probably had more anti-trust lawyers involved in its development than actual developers.

Adam Boileau also joins us with the week's news.

Editor's note: We're aware that Roelof's name is mispelled in the headline, but if we change it, it'll break the current URL and cause drama. So we'll leave it for now. But yes, his last name is spelled Temmingh, not Temming. Apologies.