Risky Business #110 -- Industry pioneer Nir Zuk, Gumblar, PCI lawsuits and more

Nir Zuk knows stuff about stuff. Seriously.
04 Jun 2009 » Risky Business

This week's show is hosted by Vigabyte and brought to you by Sophos.

On this week's show we chat to an industry pioneer, Nir Zuk. He's widely credited as the creator of the first stateful inspection firewall.

These days he works for the company he founded, Palo Alto Networks. We're chatting to Nir about his thoughts on security technologies -- everything from firewalls to IDS to DLP.

Nir is a very sharp cat indeed, with a lot to say about the direction security tech is headed. He tends to push his own agenda a bit in terms of talking up his firewall approach, but he has heaps of interesting stuff to say on other topics.

In this week's sponsor interview we chat with Paul Ducklin about an old debate -- is open source better for security? It was a topic we touched on briefly in the AusCERT speed debate, which, incidentally, is available for download in our Risky Business 2 channel. We both thought it was a topic worth expanding on. It's an interesting chat and it's coming up soon.

Adam Boileau is the week's news guest.