Risky Business #103 -- Certified or certifiable?

CISSP for everyone! Yay!!
09 Apr 2009 » Risky Business

This week's show is sponsored by Sophos, and hosted, as always, by Vigabyte Virtual Hosting.

In this week's feature interview we'll be hearing from former Network Solutions CSO Richard Forno.

He's joining us to discuss a proposed bill in the USA that would require all information security professionals working on government systems to hold some sort of certification. It's an interesting idea, but Forno hates it.

Also on this week's show, Paul Ducklin from Sophos pops in to do his best to debunk the GhostNet conspiracy. Researchers from Cambridge and Toronto Universities claim to have uncovered a clandestine, state-sponsored espionage ring targeting pro Tibet politicians.

Ducklin is very sceptical and will be along soon to tell us why.

Declan Ingram of Securus Global is this week's news guest.
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