Risky Business #102 -- Washington spanks PCI DSS

The PCI council has a sore botty...
02 Apr 2009 » Risky Business

This week's Risky Business podcast is brought to you by MessageLabs, and hosted, as always, by Vigabyte virtual hosting.

On this week's show you'll hear some audio from a hearing in the US House of Representatives -- excerpts from the subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology Hearing. That hearing posed the question "Do the Payment Card Industry Data Standards Reduce Cybercrime?"

Apparently they don't.

In this week's sponsor interview we chat to Paul Wood from MessageLabs in the UK about some of the more innovative features in malware these days. Paul's up to his armpits in the stuff, so he has some interesting things to say.

Paul Craig from Security-Assessment.com is this week's news guest.

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