Risky Business 101 -- DECT hacking plus special guest Paul Asadoorian

Episode #101 looks at cordless telephony...
26 Mar 2009 » Risky Business

This week's episode is sponsored by Microsoft and hosted, as always, by Vigabyte virtual hosting.

We're shifting focus a little bit in this week's feature and taking a look at DECT hacking. DECT is the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications standard, and as you'll hear, it's not always implemented correctly. That can be a lot of fun for the evil guys out there.

Blair Strang will be joining us to talk about that.

Also on this week's show we'll catch up with the host of the PaulDotCom security podcast, Paul Asadoorian. He's popping by to do this week's news segment, and boy, what a week for news it's been.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer product manager, James Pratt, pops by to discuss the new security-related features in the browser in this week's sponsor interview.

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