Srsly Risky Biz: Iran Fake’s It Till It Makes It

PLUS: the real significance of China's new counter-espionage law...
04 May 2023 » Risky Business News

In this podcast Patrick Gray and Tom Uren take a whirlwind tour examining the different ways countries conduct cyber-enabled influence operations. Iran, China and the UK all have different approaches and we have our favourite.

China has a new counter-epsionage law and even though it hasn’t been formerly passed yet already foreign companies are getting in trouble for doing due diligence or corporate intelligence type work. The real point here is to tighten information control, and the wording is so broad that it leaves tremendous scope for the PRC to use the law whenever it wants to send a message.

Finally, the two discuss concrete examples of intelligence derived from Section 702 of the US FISA Act. 702 allows US intelligence agencies to compel service providers to help conduct targeted surveillance of foreigners outside the US and will expire at the end of the year unless Congress renews it.