Srsly Risky Biz: North Korea's "Vibes-based" targeting

PLUS: Iran Cries Havoc and Lets Slip the Dogs of Cyber...
27 Apr 2023 » Risky Business News

In this podcast Patrick Gray talks to Tom Uren about North Korea’s “double” or “threaded” supply chain attack via Trading Technologies and 3CX. This type of “access begets access” approach makes total sense and Tom thinks it will likely be a standard approach for North Korea. Microsoft has released a couple of reports over the month that indicate Iran is increasingly willing to launch destructive cyber attacks. One Iranian group, Mango Sandstorm, has been destroying on-prem and cloud environments. Another, Mint Sandstorm, has been targeting a wide swathe of US critical infrastructure. It’s a worry.

Finally, Tom and Pat discuss cyber security company Team Cyrmu’s sale of netflow to US government agencies, which has been controversial in the press because of potential privacy violations. Tom spoke to the company and based on what we learnt there isn’t a privacy concern here. But the broader principle that data purchases be examined for privacy risks still stands.