Risky Business #749 -- Google answer to Microsoft's insecurity? Buy Google stuff!

Why the answer to the 365 mess isn't "just use Workspace"...
23 May 2024 » Risky Business

This week’s episode was recorded in front of a live audience at AusCERT’s 2024 conference. Pat and Adam talked through:

  • Google starts using security as a marketing tool against Microsoft, along with steep discounts
  • Microsoft announces a creepy desktop recording AI
  • UK govt proposes ransom payment controls
  • Arizona woman runs a laptop farm for North Korea
  • Julian Assange just keeps on with his malarky
  • And much, much more

This week’s episode is sponsored by Tines. Its CEO Eoin Hinchy joins the show to talk about how AI can be genuinely useful in automation.

Show notes

(1) Dina Bass on X: "Google is offering deep discounts to government and corporate customers to entice them to switch from Microsoft Office as it attacks Microsoft's cybersecurity over recent breaches, citing US gov't cybersecurity review board report https://t.co/43sIJmBWi5" / X
Microsoft president set to testify before Congress on ‘security shortcomings’ | Cybersecurity Dive
Chairman Green, Ranking Member Thompson Announce Microsoft President Will Testify on Company’s Security Shortcomings Following Hack of Government Accounts – Committee on Homeland Security
Google leverages Microsoft’s cyber gaps to woo Workspace customers | Cybersecurity Dive
CSRB report highlights the need for a new approach to security
(1) vx-underground on X: "tl;dr Microsoft introduces 24/7 surveillance functionality for the NSA and/or CIA but markets it as a feature that you'll like" / X
Everything You Need to Know About Windows 11's Recall Feature
Australian government warns of 'large-scale ransomware data breach'
(1) National Cyber Security Coordinator on X: "The Australian Government continues to assist MediSecure, an electronic prescriptions provider, respond to a cyber incident. We are still working to build a picture of the size and nature of the data that has been impacted by this data breach impacting MediSecure. This https://t.co/oyNeRonurZ" / X
HHS offering $50 million for proposals to improve hospital cybersecurity
Remote-access tools the intrusion point to blame for most ransomware attacks | Cybersecurity Dive
UK insurance industry begins to acknowledge role in tackling ransomware
Exclusive: UK to propose mandatory reporting for ransomware attacks and licensing regime for all payments
Hacktivists turn to ransomware in attacks on Philippines government
Arizona woman accused of helping North Koreans get remote IT jobs at 300 companies | Ars Technica
US offers $5 million for info on North Korean IT workers involved in job fraud
FCC might require telecoms to report on securing internet's BGP technology
FCC to probe ‘grave’ weaknesses in phone network infrastructure
EPA says it will step up enforcement to address ‘critical’ vulnerabilities within water sector
EPA takes steps to address cybersecurity weaknesses at water utilities
British signals agency to protect election candidates’ phones from cyberattacks
Feds seize BreachForums platform, Telegram page
Dark web narcotics market’s alleged leader arrested and charged in New York
WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Can Appeal His Extradition to the US, British Court Says | WIRED