Risky Business #747 -- Lockbit Leader Has A Very Bad Day

PLUS: Microsoft maybe - just a little bit - does want to be better?
08 May 2024 » Risky Business

Patrick dials in from RSA in San Francisco to discuss the week’s security news with Adam, including:

  • The west doxxes LockbitSupp, who must now hide his hundred million dollars
  • Revil hacker behind Kasaya breach gets 14 years
  • Microsoft makes some positive sounding* noises on security
  • A fun flaw in nearly all VPN clients
  • Gitlab admins continue their never-ending incident response
  • And much, much more.

This week’s sponsor is Stairwell. Long time infosec researcher Silas Cutler joins us to talk through his adventures in attacker C2 systems, and how this feeds into Stairwell’s data.

* we’re still sceptical they’ll get it right, but they do at least seem to realise how deep the doo-doo they’re in is… Pat speculates they have … tentacles, and a regulatory-threat-gland.