Risky Business #470 -- Project Zero's Natalie Silvanovich on reducing attack surface

PLUS: Ryan Duff and Haroon Meer...
20 Sep 2017 » Risky Business

Ryan Duff fills in for Adam in this week’s news segment. Ryan used to work at US Cyber Command as a cyber operations tactician but these days he’s in the private sector. He shares his thoughts on the week’s happenings.

This week’s feature guest is Google Project Zero’s Natalie Silvanovich. A little while back she fired off a few tweets saying companies are simply not doing enough to minimise the attack surface in their software. She was finding it so frustrating that she tweeted an offer – she said she was happy to turn up at any company that would have her and give a talk on how to minimise attack surface.

She’s since done that talk about half a dozen times and she joins us today to give us the general idea of the advice she’s been providing.

This week’s sponsor interview is with the man, the legend, Haroon Meer.

Haroon is the founder of Thinkst Canary, simple hardware honeypots that work amazingly well. This week Haroon joins the show to talk about how we can avoid the next Equifax. He says a lot of it comes down to empowerment, which sounds like the sort of thing an annoying person with capped teeth would put in their slide deck, but when you hear Haroon explain what he actually means it actually makes sense.

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