Risky Business #460 -- Haroon Meer talks Kaspersky drama, NotPetya, the cryptowars and more

PLUS: ICEBRG's Will Peteroy spruiks the "Liam Neeson" of infosec products...
05 Jul 2017 » Risky Business

Adam Boileau has some out of town business to handle this week so he can’t join us in the news segment. But that’s ok, because industry legend Haroon Meer has very kindly agreed to fill in for him! We chat to Haroon shortly about all the latest NotPetya developments, we’ll also talk about the drama Kaspersky is experiencing right now, as well as dissecting the latest battle reports from the cryptowar! All the news is covered.

This week’s show is brought to you by ICEBRG!

ICEBRG’s co-founder, Will Peteroy, joins the show this week to chat a bit about what they’re up to. Will has an interesting background. He was the technical director of a government agency Red Team. That meant red team exercises against agencies, but he was also responsible for doing assessments on security products. He also put in a bunch of time at Microsoft where he was the endpoint for product security for Windows and Internet Explorer, which meant he was the recipient of oh-so-much-0day for around a year and a half. So yeah, Will knows what he’s doing, and he’s made a thing, and you’re going to hear about that thing after this week’s news.

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Show notes

NATO: NotPetya Likely the Work of State Attackers | On the Wire
TeleBots are back: supply-chain attacks against Ukraine
Researchers Find BlackEnergy APT Links in ExPetr Code | Threatpost | The first stop for security news
More Security Firms Confirm NotPetya Shoddy Code Is Making Recovery Impossible
Ukrainian police seize software company's servers
New Petya Distribution Vectors Bubbling to Surface | Threatpost | The first stop for security news
Cyber attack: Ukrainian software company will face charges over security neglect, police suggest - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Family firm in Ukraine says it was not responsible for cyber attack | Reuters
iTWire - Kaspersky Lab row: Russian minister warns of blowback
Documents could link Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky to FSB spy agency - Chicago Tribune
G20 summit: Malcolm Turnbull to urge Donald Trump to act against tech terrorists
The Medicare machine: patient details of 'any Australian' for sale on darknet | Australia news | The Guardian
The “keys to the cyber caliphate”: The daring U.S. raid to seize the ISIS personnel database - Salon.com
Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing Bitcoin From Other Dark Web Criminals
Hacker "Incursio" Gets Two Years in Prison for Hacking CIA, DHS, DOJ, and FBI
This Dark Web Site Creates Robocalls to Steal People’s Credit Card PINs - Motherboard
Average Bug Bounty Payments Growing | Threatpost | The first stop for security news
HTTPS Certificate Revocation is broken, and it’s time for some new tools | Ars Technica
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GitHub - SandboxEscaper/Edge-sandbox-escape
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