Risky Business #458 -- Reality Winner, Qatar hax and Internet regulation calls

PLUS: Plus special guest Samy Kamkar!
07 Jun 2017 » Risky Business

On this week’s show we’re covering off all the big news of the week: the arrest of Reality Winner, the apparent hacks that have ratcheted up the political crisis in Qatar and the renewed calls for Internet companies to be more government-friendly.

In this week’s feature interview we catch up with Samy Kamkar to get his take on what the lowering cost of hardware-based hacking could mean for our increasingly automated world. And in this week’s sponsor interview we chat with Duo Security’s Pepijn Bruienne about some recent attacks against the Mac OS software supply chain.

Big thanks to Duo Security for sponsoring this week’s show. Duo makes all manner of kick-ass two factor authentication solutions, you can check them out at Duo.com.

You can add Patrick, or Adam on Twitter if that’s your thing. Show notes are below…

Patrick is taking a vacation. Risky Business will return on June 28

Show notes

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