Risky Business #455 -- What a mess

A podcast about The Shadow Brokers, DPRK, NSA, Microsoft and WannaCry...
17 May 2017 » Risky Business

On this week’s show, of course, we are taking a deep dive on WannaCry. Most of the coverage of this debacle has actually been pretty bad, and there’s been nothing that I’ve seen that even approaches being comprehensive, so we’re going to try to fix that in this edition of the show.

This week’s show is sponsored by Cylance, which, it must be said, didn’t “ambulance chase” this interview, they booked this sponsor slot in January this year.

Cylance CEO Stuart McClure joins the show this week to talk about ambulance chasing, why it is that we still don’t have a decent technical analysis of WannaCry and he generally gives us an industry view on this thing.

Links to items discussed in this week’s show have moved – they’re now included in this post, below.

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Show notes

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