Risky Business #448 -- Dan Geer on cloud providers: Too big to fail?

PLUS Mike Hanley of Duo Security talks BeyondCorp...
22 Mar 2017 » Risky Business

We’ve got a great show for you this week. In-Q-Tel CSO Dan Geer will be along for a very interesting conversation about the major cloud providers. Are they too big to fail the same way some banks are? Does the efficiency of highly concentrated ownership of a large chunk of the world’s Internet service capacity make it less resilient? We talk about that and more in this week’s feature interview.

This week’s sponsor interview is also an absolute cracker. We’re speaking with Mike Hanley of Duo Security. Mike is the senior director of security at Duo, and he’s along this week to talk about Google’s BeyondCorp initiative.

BeyondCorp is Google’s vision for the next generation of enterprise environments and it has a lot to do with deperimiterisation. Mike is along this week to talk about that concept and how solid authentication is basically the first step in moving towards that vision. It’s really, really solid stuff, so do stick around for that one.

Adam Boileau, as always, joins us to talk about the week’s security news.

Links to items discussed in this week’s show have moved – they’re now included in this post, below.

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Show notes

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