Risky Business #443 -- CrowdStrike and NSS face off, Hal Martin charged and more

PLUS: A new type of security event that shows great promise...
15 Feb 2017 » Risky Business

On this week’s show we’ll be chatting with two of the organisers of an event that was held here in Australia – PlatyPus con. As you’ll hear, it wasn’t really a typical security con – attendees had to bring laptops and had to participate. The whole thing was centred around workshops. Everyone I know who went said it was brilliant, and I personally think this is an idea that is going to catch on outside of Australia. We’ll be speaking with Snail and Lin_s about that one in this week’s feature interview.

This week’s show is brought to you by Veracode, big thanks to them. In this week’s sponsor interview we’ll be chatting with Veracode’s senior product innovation manager Colin Domony about a couple of things. Veracode did a pretty interesting survey recently that really shows that developers are, in fact, finally, becoming security aware in a big way. Not only that, but Veracode has made some pretty significant changes to its products to reflect this switch. Static analysis software security tools are becoming something the developers themselves use, they’re not just for the security teams these days. So we’ll talk about the rationale behind Veracode’s recent release of a scanner that plugs into IDEs: Veracode Greenlight.

Adam Boileau joins us, as always, to talk about the week’s security news.

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Show notes

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