Risky Business #426 -- House Oversight Committee drops OPM breach report PLUS St Jude sues MedSec

Mark Piper joins Risky Business with the week's security news...
08 Sep 2016 » Risky Business

In this week’s feature interview we chat with Stephen Ridley about all things IoT. Stephen is a researcher turned entrepreneur and he’ll be along to talk about the platform consolidation we’re going to see when it comes to “things”. Once that settles, he argues, we’ll get a better idea of the security risks we should really, actually be worried about. In this week’s sponsor interview we’re chatting with Simon Galbally at Senetas.

Senetas, of course, makes high assurance network encryptors and Simon joins us this week to talk about where certification schemes might be headed. Did you know there are no sunset clauses on many of the certification schemes out there? So yeah, you can be using a FIPS certified box that’s riddled with known bugs and yep, it’s still certified. Certifications could start moving towards more continuous models.

Insomnia Security’s Mark Piper is this week’s news guest.

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Show notes

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