Risky Business #364 -- The cuckoo's carton

Active defence not about owning your attackers...
30 Apr 2015 » Risky Business

In this week's feature interview we chat with John Strand, a SANS instructor and co-host of Security Weekly's Webcasts. He runs Black Hills information security and he's a maintainer of the ADHD Linux distro -- it's essentially a curation of active defence tools that you can use to do some funky stuff. But in this case active defence doesn't mean popping shells on boxes in China, it's more about annoying the absolute shit out of your adversaries.

In this week's sponsor interview we're chatting with Chris Gatford, HackLabs' founder and head honcho, all about something that came up last week -- software defined radio security testing. Is there a market for that sort of thing like last week's guest Balint Seeber suggested?

Well, yes and no. That interview is coming up at the end of the show.

Adam Boileau, as usual, stops in to discuss the week's news headlines.

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