Risky Business #357 -- Mark Dowd talks Rowhammer

12 Mar 2015 » Risky Business

On this week's show we're having a chat with Mark Dowd about the so-called Rowhammer exploit. And yeah, if you haven't heard about this one you're in for a treat. It's among the most badass research I've ever seen. You know, you can skin a cat with a knife, or you can do what the Google Project Zero team did and skin it with 300 synchronised lasers.

[NOTE: It's been pointed out that the post on the Project Zero blog is actually a guest post. The work was done by Googlers and published on the Google Zero blog, but these researchers aren't actually a part of the Project Zero team. Sorry for the confusion.]

In this week's sponsor episode we're chatting with Joseph Sokoly of Tenable Network Security about bugs like Freak. The fact is, if you're operating a web property and you were running your SSL config correctly, Freak wouldn't be a risk to your users when they're using your service.

But a lot of organisations just don't bother running best-practice configs. Why not? They're too busy putting out fires in their vuln management programs to deal with the low-hangers. Joseph stops by soon to talk about that.

(Joseph is also one of the voices of the Southern Fried Security Podcast. Check it out here, because I'm guessing if you're reading this you like security podcasts!)

Show notes

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