Risky Business #353 -- Andy Greenberg: Why I feel sorry for Ross Ulbricht

PLUS Microsoft's MS15-011 is coming to eat your soul...
12 Feb 2015 » Risky Business

This week's feature interview is with Andy Greenberg, senior writer with WIRED. He's covered Silk Road from the get go, even scoring an in depth interview with DPR before he was caught and unmasked as Ross Ulbricht. He attended every day of Ulbricht's trial and says he was there every minute the jury was.

He joined me via Skype earlier this week to talk about the trial of Ross Ulbricht, the future of underground markets and the disconnect between Ross Ulbricht's real life and online personas.

In fact, that disconnect is so great that Andy actually feels sorry for Ross Ulbricht, despite the allegation that as the Dread Pirate Roberts he commissioned as many as six murders for hire.

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Intralinks Richard Anstey joins us a bit later on for a chat about the security challenge presented by file sharing services, and what some solutions might look like. And I've gotta say, even though we talk about their product a bit, it's a very interesting interview.

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