Risky Business #331 -- The Tails bug that wasn't, the Tor talk that isn't

Drama in the world of anonymity and privacy...
25 Jul 2014 » Risky Business

Earlier this week Twitter was abuzz with talk of a serious bug in the Tails live OS, a bootable on-a-DVD or USB device OS used by pro-democracy activists. And by pro democracy activists I mean, you know, potheads buying a few ounces on Silk Road, but whatever...

Well according to the Twitters there was a Tails bug that was going to be a big deal... right? Riiight? Well, maybe not.

The Grugq joins the show to discuss that, and the pulling of a scheduled BlackHat talk on Tor.

This week's show is brought to you by Microsoft. Alas my interview with the scheduled MS spokesperson fell through so there's no sponsor interview this week. I'd ask you to check out Microsoft Interflow anyway though, particularly if you're in IR.

Adam drops in for the week's news segment, you can find links to everything discussed here.