Risky Business #319 -- The one with weev in it

24 Apr 2014 » Risky Business

Please note we have disabled access to this recording. It was published before the interview subject outed himself as a committed Nazi. If you're a journalist or researcher and you'd like access to the recording, please email us and we can provide you with a copy.

This week's show is brought to you by Adobe! Big thanks to Adobe for making this week's show possible.

And we've got an... err... *interesting* program for you this week... we'll be chatting with Andrew Auernheimer, aka weev, about the recent appeal victory that saw him out of prison after 14 months inside. Is he going to pull his head in after his scrape with the law?

He says no way!

Also this week we chat with Wade Baker of Verizon Business Security Solutions about the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report and the nine attack patterns they've observed from 10 years of breach data.

Adam Boileau, as always, pops in to discuss the week's news headlines. Show notes are here.