Risky Business #317 -- Cryptocalypse news plus Dave DeWalt interview

...and XP is dead. Long live XP...
11 Apr 2014 » Risky Business

This week's feature guest is the man with the Midas touch -- former McAfee president and current FireEye CEO Dave DeWalt. This is the guy who sold McAfee to Intel for $7.8 billion dollars, so I chat to him about a whole bunch of topics, from his thoughts on how Intel has handled that deal, through to Snowden, to the security business overall. It's a great chat with one of the most interesting executives in this whole industry.

Also this week we chat with Marcus Ranum who's in the sponsor chair on behalf of Tenable Network Security. He's along this week to look back on his very popular 2005 blog post "The six dumbest ideas in computer security". Are they still dumb? Unsurprisingly they are, but the landscape has shifted a bit. That's a great chat and it's coming up later.

Adam Boileau joins the program to discuss the Heartbleed bug and some other infosec news from the last week.

Show notes are here.