Risky Business #312 -- RSA special edition

This week's show is overflowing...
07 Mar 2014 » Risky Business

It's a solid week for BitCoin news. The (maybe) outing of the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, the MtGox mystery, dead exchanges and even, unfortunately, a suicide of a former BitCoin exchange CEO in Singapore.

But there's been plenty of other news! Apple's gotofail bug, GnuTLS issues, more NTP amplification attacks, and of course YahooWebcamGate. You can find links to the news items discussed in this week's show here.

There's also a stack of interviews in this week's podcast, including a bunch recorded in San Francisco last week. The run sheet looks like this:

\t- The Grugq discussing the news headlines of the last two weeks
\t- Marcus Ranum on the RSA trade floor discourse
\t- RSA CEO Art Coviello on the NSA controversy
\t- ACLU principal technologist Chris Soghoian
\t- RSA Chief Architect Robert Griffin
\t- Jack Daniel of Tenable Network Security (sponsor interview) on the "Threat Intelligence" buzzword craze